Suppliers: Receive quotes and organize all of your communications with contractors.

QwikSupply is an ordering and supply chain management service for the electrical construction industry. By signing up, you’ll be connected to our growing network of electrical contractors.

If you’re interested in QwikSupply for your organization, contact sales@qwiksupply.com and we’ll be in touch, or keep reading to learn more:

Keep track of orders any time, any where

QwikSupply is available 24/7 on the web, Android or iPhone for you and contractors alike. Because of this, you can check up on shipments and orders or prepare quotes whether you’re out and about or back at the office.

Increase your visibility and opportunities

A contractor has a lot on their mind throughout the day and if they’re not regularly sending business your way, they may not think to send you their next RFQ. With QwikSupply, you’ll be listed for every RFQ a contractor creates. Each time they need material they’ll be reminded to send their request your way.

Grow your customer base

New contractors and business opportunities pop up all the time. It can be costly and time consuming to keep up with these leads. Let QwikSupply do the legwork for you. We’ll connect you to all the local contractors you’d like to do business with at no charge. As we add more contractors, you’ll be connected with each one and can start receiving quotes right away.

Reduce errors

Miscommunications can be very expensive. QwikSupply makes it easy to ensure everyone is on the same page. All RFQs, shipments and orders are managed by our service with clear product descriptions, requested quantities and part photos. There’s no chance of mishearing something on the phone or pitting your word against theirs. Everything is clear and out in the open.

Get proof of delivery for everyone

When a contractor picks up a shipment, or you deliver it, they go through and review it and mark it as received through the QwikSupply service. This way both you and the contractor know what was shipped and when it was received. There’s no arguing over lost packing slips, everything is always available 24/7 no matter where you or they are.

Permanent, paperless record keeping

Keeping records of everything is important when invoices are sent out. QwikSupply is an independent third party that keeps track of all correspondences between you and contractors. There’s no need to print off emails or keep your inbox full of old messages. QwikSupply keeps everything backed up so you can instantly bring up records whether they’re from last week or last year.

We’re certain QwikSupply can help you increase your opportunities and reduce errors.

To get connected to QwikSupply for your organization, or to simply learn more, email sales@qwiksupply.com and we’ll reach out to you soon!