How does QwikSupply work?

At first it seems like QwikSupply is just an ordering platform, but it handles so much more. It provides tracking, eliminates errors and gets you the best pricing and availability by putting all of your material requests, orders and other communications in one place so that everyone is on the same page.

QwikSupply manages all supply chain communications between your teams in the field, your project managers, your warehouse and your connected suppliers. All of your material requests, orders and shipments are available 24/7 via the web or the QwikSupply Android and iPhone apps.

The QwikSupply service was designed to model exactly how electrical contractors like you, operate. You can order and track your materials by job, have project managers approve requests from the field and have your team in the office review orders when bills come in from suppliers. Everything you need is in one place. No more lost packing slips or filling out purchase orders.


QwikSupply does things like you do: Jobs & Roles

QwikSupply isn’t just an ordering app, you model your jobs and team directly to manage your entire supply chain. You create named jobs with a shipping address, assigned electricians and project managers. By modeling how you’re already doing business, QwikSupply makes it easy to know who requested what and which jobs to bill material to.

Not only do you set up your jobs, for each user you invite you grant one or more roles to dictate what that user can do, what they’re responsible for and what they should be notified about:

Office Managers

Users with this role can create, edit or close jobs, assign team members to jobs, edit your company’s profile, invite other users and review orders when bills come in.
Watch how QwikSupply works for office managers >

Project Managers

Users with this role can create, edit or close jobs, assign team members to jobs, be assigned to jobs themselves, review requests for product, create RFQs, select quotes or make decisions on what to do when issues arise with materials being out of stock or no longer needed.
Watch how QwikSupply works for project managers >

Field Workers

This role is meant for electricians in the field. Users with this role can be assigned to jobs and create requests for the materials they need for later approval by project managers.
Watch how QwikSupply works for field workers >

Warehouse Workers

This role is meant for people who work in your warehouse (if you have one) that fulfill requests from the field or pick-up will call orders from suppliers.
Watch how QwikSupply works for warehouse workers >

Whether your a company of 1 or 100, you can leverage jobs and roles to meet your scale and needs. Any user can have one or more roles and be assigned to one or more jobs. QwikSupply is flexible and easy to use, no matter your company’s size.



Why use QwikSupply instead of ordering over the phone or email? QwikSupply will do a lot for your company. Here’s why it’s better than tracking and managing orders on your own:

Permanent, paperless record keeping

QwikSupply is always available 24/7 via the web, Android or iPhone. Never worry about losing a packing slip or forgetting what you asked for. Every request, RFQ, order and shipment is held onto, backed-up and can be accessed instantly by ID or found listed on a job. There’s no need for filing cabinets, QwikSupply has you covered.

At-a-glance understanding of your entire supply chain

For project managers, QwikSupply’s JOBS tab shows every job you’re assigned to along with “QwikLinks” showing counts for open requests, orders and shipments. Orange links are the items you can take action on right now, blue links are open items that you’re waiting on.


A large network of local suppliers

We’ve already gone ahead and set up the local suppliers you’re familiar with. By joining QwikSupply you’ll be immediately connected to the following suppliers:

When preparing a list of items for bid, simply check off the suppliers you want to receive quotes from. That’s all there is to it!


Get the best pricing and availability

When you send out an RFQ to multiple suppliers, QwikSupply makes it easy to see the quoted pricing and availability sent back. You always get your prices up front so you can make the best decisions. And with competitive pricing you know you’ll be getting the best offers every time.

Product ordering with categories, pictures & custom parts

Ordering material has never been easier. QwikSupply has an easy to navigate catalog of 4,000+ common electrical components. Now you can shop for parts like you shop on Amazon! And with part photos, it’s a lot easier to communicate what you need, whether its to someone in your warehouse trying to find a "QOB230 breaker" or someone out in the field trying to verify a shipment.

Don't see a part listed? Don’t worry! We regularly add parts to our database, but regardless, with QwikSupply’s “Custom Parts” you can describe and add items that are rare or just aren’t found in our catalog.

Project managers can oversee and approve

This isn’t just an ordering service. QwikSupply is an entire workflow with roles and permissions. Every request from the field must be approved by a project manager in order to make it to a supplier’s desk. All the checks and balances are in place to match how you do business already.


Handle complex orders without breaking a sweat

Sometimes orders can get complicated. Especially when a supplier ends up out of stock at the last minute before fulfilling your order, or your warehouse has a little bit here and there of what you need. Keeping track of all these moving parts can be tricky if you go it alone. However, with QwikSupply, complex tracking is a breeze! Everything is bundled up under the initial request with a real-time history so you can keep up on how everything is going!

Eliminate errors or guesswork

You can rest easy knowing QwikSupply has everything under control. You don’t need to remember to check up on your orders or wonder if a supplier heard you right. Every request, order and shipment is clear and simple with photos, descriptions and quantities. On top of that every submitted request, quote and shipment has a person attached so you know who to talk to if you have questions. If something requires your attention, you’ll be notified otherwise you can focus on your real work.

Spend more time on the job at hand

Electrical work is complex enough, you shouldn’t need to worry about how you’re going to get the materials you need to do your job. Think of QwikSupply as another member of your team. It keeps track of everything so you only spend a few minutes each day creating and checking up on orders rather than hours calling around, sending emails, comparing quotes and filling out purchase orders.


A Sample Use Case

To get a feel for how QwikSupply works, below is a simple step-by-step run through of a standard use. It will go over how the roles work, how orders are placed, who gets notified and when:

Step 1: A Request From The Field

Let’s say your team out on a job needs some conduit. Rather than emailing around or calling it in, they pull up the QwikSupply app on their smartphone, browse or search for the parts they need using our catalog of products with photos, and send a request to their project manager for review and approval.

Step 2: Project Manager Review

At this point any project managers assigned to the job will receive an email and/or mobile push notification that there’s a request for material that needs review. They can tap the notification or the link in the email, review the request, edit it and decide whether to send it out to suppliers for bid immediately or have someone check your warehouse to see if you have some or all of the requested material already available. In this case, let’s say the project manager decided to check your warehouse first.

Step 3: Warehouse Check/Fulfillment

Anyone on your team assigned the “Warehouse Worker” role will receive a notification/email when they should fulfill a shipment request. They’ll be able to pull up the shipment request to see all the requested parts with photos, descriptions and quantities. As they go through and collect the materials to be delivered, they can use the QwikSupply app to update each line item with the delivered quantity or mark some items as missing to alert the project manager to send those missing items out for quote. When the warehouse worker is done preparing the shipment, they can submit the shipment request to notify the team in the field to expect a delivery.

Once the material is delivered, the team in the field can pull up the QwikSupply app and review the delivery to make sure everything is there. If everything looks good, they can mark the shipment “delivered”.

Step 4: Getting Quotes

If the warehouse is out of some items, the project managers on the job will be notified to either cancel the items or send them out for quote by creating one or more RFQs (Request For Quote). The project manager can go through and select the parts to be quoted and select the suppliers to request quotes from. When the suppliers receive the RFQs, they can submit their pricing and availability information for each item.

The project managers on the job will be notified for each submitted quote. At a glance they can see all the submitted pricing and availability for an RFQ. At any point (whether all the quotes are in or not), they can select a quote to create an order with that supplier.

Step 5: Supplier Fulfillment

Once an order is created, the selected supplier will be notified to prepare any shipments (or backorders if some items were out of stock). As each shipment or backorder is prepped, your team assigned to the job will be notified to pick up the items (for will call orders) or expect a delivery shortly. As the items are picked up or delivered, your team can review the shipments to make sure everything is there and mark the shipment(s) received.

Finishing Up

Once all the shipments are marked as received, the initial request will be closed out. At any point you can see every closed request on a job and review its history to see everything that happened during its lifetime. This data will always be available even long after the request is fulfilled or the job is closed.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does QwikSupply cost?

QwikSupply for contractors is priced per user per month in tiers. You can find out more here, but the tiers are:

Which suppliers are on QwikSupply?

We’re always adding new suppliers, but at the moment here’s who you can connect with as soon as you sign up:

Does everyone in my company need an account?

No. You only need accounts for team members that are involved in ordering or tracking material. Every project manager and foreman should be on as well as at least one person to act as an office manager and one or more people to act as warehouse workers (if you have a warehouse). Any user can have any and all roles, so if you’re a one person company, you can be everything.

I’m a small business, do I need a different user account for each role?

No. The roles simply define what you can do and what you should be notified about. Any user can have more than one role. So for example, if you’re a one-person company, you could have every role.

Do I need to start with a new job?

No! QwikSupply can be easily added halfway through a job. You should start seeing benefits right away as soon as you start using it including: better tracking, better pricing and less errors.

Once I join, do I need to use QwikSupply for every order and request?

Nope. You can use QwikSupply as much or as little as you like. Of course you’ll get the most benefit if you put every order and request through it, but starting gradually and putting a few requests and orders through at first on a job is a great way to get started and see benefits right away.

How does QwikSupply reduce errors?

The main way QwikSupply reduces and regularly eliminates errors is through clear communication. Every line item has a clear description with a photo and clearly defined quantities. There’s little chance of mishearing or confusion. All parties can see what is being requested all the time.

How does QwikSupply get my team the best pricing and availability?

Chances are when you send requests out, you send them out to the same suppliers every time without considering other suppliers that may not be on your mind. With QwikSupply every order is quoted. When creating a quote your list of connected suppliers is always presented so you can get a large pool of responses. Each submitted quote clearly defines the price and its availability so you can understand the field at-a-glance. With competitive pricing you’re going to get the best offers every time.

Do electricians in the field get to order things directly without approval?

No. All requests must be approved by users with the project manager role that are assigned to the same job the request came from. With QwikSupply, project managers can stay up-to-date on everything their jobs need and make decisions on what to order, what to request from the warehouse and what to cancel.

What if QwikSupply’s part catalog doesn’t have a part I need?

We’re always adding parts to the QwikSupply catalog, but if you can’t find something, the “Create a Custom Part” button is always nearby. Tap it to type in a description of what you need and specify the required quantity.

How do I get started?

If you haven’t already signed up, sign up here. We’ll reach out to you shortly after to get you going. Getting started is easy and non-intrusive. You can get started with one job and a few orders to feel it out or dive in both feet first and set up every job. We’ll also send you a simple checklist we put together that we think is the best way to get your team ramped up one step at a time.

I’m not in New York, how can I get QwikSupply in my area?

We’re getting things rolling in New York, but we’re constantly expanding. The main thing we need to do is get suppliers set up in your area so you can just come in and start ordering! Even if you’re not in New York, sign up and we’ll reach out and come up with a plan.

It doesn’t look like you have a supplier I do business with, how do I go about getting them on?

Just send an email to support@qwiksupply.com to let us know!

I have an idea for something QwikSupply should do, how do I let you know?

Fantastic! We’d love to hear it! Just send an email to support@qwiksupply.com and we’ll get back to you soon!

I have other questions, how do I get in touch?

Send an email to sales@qwiksupply.com with any questions you have! We look forward to hearing from you!